Stewart Attacks Private Citizen for Attacking Private Citizen

Stewart Attacks Private Citizen for Attacking Private Citizen

As always, Jon Stewart got the latest Media Matters/MSNBC/White House talking points, this time about about Sandra Fluke being inoculated from criticism because she’s some kind of “private citizen.”

We heard the same defense from Bill Maher earlier today, and it was just as stupid and obvious a talking point coming out of Maher’s mouth as it is Stewart’s.

Sandra Fluke CHOSE to testify in public before Congress and then CHOSE to become the symbol of this divisive controversy. Therefore, she chose to become a public figure. In this respect, Fluke is no more a private citizen than Limbaugh. Which means that by his own definition, in the video below, Stewart’s attacks on Limbaugh are attacks on a private citizen:

If anyone wants an example of a private citizen being attacked, look no further than Joe the Plumber, who in 2008 was minding his own business when then-candidate Obama approached him. Joe asked a question, Obama blew it, and Politico’s Jonathan Martin went into oppo-research mode to help his colleagues in the MSM destroy the man.

That’s a private citizen.

Sandra Fluke is not.

When it comes to free speech, Jon Stewart is the worst. If you remember, his entire Rally to Restore Sanity was all about lecturing the rest of us about how we should debate and discuss politics. And let’s never forget that his doppelganger, Stephen Colbert, spent the better part of this winter attacking political speech in the form of super PACS — you know, even though Colbert works for a multi-national corporation spending millions to further a political agenda through Colbert’s show.

The pathetic thing about Stewart, though, is that he’ll puff himself up in front of the world and lecture us about civility and then turn around and tell Fox News to “shut the fuck up” and call Limbaugh a “blob.” (Fat jokes, Jon? Really?)

But “shut the fuck up” perfectly crystallizes everything Jon Stewart is: a hypocrite unwilling to live by his own lecture series and a Leftist fighting to silence others through shaming campaigns of humiliation and his own false sense of moral grandeur. (All of it backed by a multi-national corporation spending millions to further a political agenda.)

And Stewart’s obviously another one like Maher, another “comedian” so blinded by partisanship that he’s somehow convinced himself that Bill Maher (and therefore himself) is somehow entitled to more free speech than the rest of us. 

Moreover, by telling Fox News to “shut the fuck up,” Stewart’s proving he’s under the un-American belief that Maher is somehow inoculated from others exercising their free speech when it comes to criticizing him.

Here’s the bottom line: When Stewart says “the language of satire is slightly different than the language of broadcasters,” what he really means is “more protected.”

Stewart is a disgrace to everything a true “satirist” is supposed to be.