Pathetic: Buzzfeed Makes Chuck Norris Column All About Them

Pathetic: Buzzfeed Makes Chuck Norris Column All About Them

How pathetic is this when Chuck Norris doesn’t even mention the words “buzz” or “feed” in his column. And yet, here’s the BuzzFeed headline and opener:

Chuck Norris Responds To BuzzFeed’s Obama Video

Chuck Norris responded today in his column on to a video posted on BuzzFeed, and later on, of President Obama at a 1991 protest for faculty diversity during his time as a law student at Harvard.

In his article, “A Video That Is Beyond Disgusting,” the former “Walker Texas Ranger” star and roundhouse kick extraordinaire says the video proves Obama’s association with the radical left.

First off, the video released at and the one released at BuzzFeed were not the same. Secondly, had not released our video later that same day, no one, including Chuck Norris, would’ve known about the Obama/Harvard BuzzFeed video because under Ben Smith, BuzzFeed is doing what Ben Smith always does and that’s downplaying stories and controlling the detonation of stories that might damage Barack Obama.

As I wrote earlier this month in reference to the attempt at BuzzFeed to cover the real story up:

Regardless, Smith tries to turn his clip into a net-positive for Obama, as he gushes over how this video of a college-age Obama only backs up all the glorious things we already know about him.

Translation: Pretty amazing how Breitbart’s big scoop only proves how “conciliatory” and middle-of-the-road Obama is!

This is nothing more than the left-wing media attempting to get out in front of and define Breitbart’s story (though this isn’t the full story) through a controlled explosion before it’s fully told. Because what Ben Smith and the rest of Obama’s Palace Guards don’t want you to know is just who Derrick Bell, the man Barack Obama called “the Rosa Parks of legal education,” really is.

Somehow, Smith is getting worse than he ever was at Politico. To aid the DNC, he’s stabbing other journalists in the back, and presumably hiring the kind of people who trash Down Syndrome babies.

Who knew Ben Smith had anymore soul to sell.


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