Obama's Hollywood Palace Guards Pour In Big Bucks

Obama's Hollywood Palace Guards Pour In Big Bucks

If you’re wondering why America’s so-called satirists still haven’t found the fact that Obama ate a dog funny…

In fact, if you’re wondering why no one in Hollywood will satirize Obama in any way whatsoever, this should help to explain a lot:

Priorities USA Action, the SuperPAC run by former White House aides Bill Burton and Sean Sweeney, collected $2.5 million in March, including a $100,000 donation from TV personality Chelsea Handler.

Like her low-rated pals Stewart and Colbert, Handler has a “comedy” show on Comedy Central. You can watch her gush over Obama here.

Here’s an even better explanation as to why all of Hollywood pretty much leaves Obama alone, even as they mercilessly trash the Right:

Jeffrey Katzenberg is among the top donors to Priorities USA Action, having given $2 million last year in a kind of kickoff to what organizers hoped would raise $100 million this cycle.

From another article:

President Obama’s reelection campaign released an updated list of his 2012 campaign fundraisers, including Sony’s Michael Lynton and his wife Jamie; Dreamworks’ Jeffrey Katzenberg; HBO’s Richard Plepler and Weinstein Co.’s Harvey Weinstein.

Also on the list are Kelly Meyer, the wife of Universal’s Ron Meyer, and Peter Chernin, the former COO of News Corp. …

Raising $50,000 to $100,000: Peter Chernin (producer); Margo Lion (Broadway producer); Richard Plepler (HBO co-president); George Stevens (producer).

$100,000-$200,000: Clarence Avant (music mogul); Joseph Calabrese (entertainment attorney); Deepak Chopra (self-help guru); Ari Emanuel (WME Entertainment chief), Giselle Fernandez (TV personality); Chad Griffin (political consultant, incoming president of Human Rights Campaign); Michael Lynton (Sony chief); Kelly Meyer (environmental advocate); Wendy Wanderman (producer) and Mark Gorenberg.

$200,000-$500,000: Eva Longoria (actress); Jamie Alter Lynton (philanthropist).

$500,000 or more: Nicole Avant (former ambassador) and Ted Sarandos (Netflix chief content officer); Colleen Bell (soap opera producer); David Cohen (Comcast exec); John Emerson (Capitol Group executive); Jeffrey Katzenberg (Dreamworks Animation CEO); Mai Lassiter (wife of producer James Lassiter); Noah Mamet (political consultant); James Costos (HBO executive) and Michael Smith (designer); Dana Perlman and Barry Karas (Obama for America LGBT co-chairs); Ken Solomon (Tennis Channel CEO); Andy Spahn (political consultant); Harvey Weinstein (producer); and Anna Wintour (editor).

If you’re a cast-member on “Saturday Night Live” and embarrassed by the fact that you’ve abdicated your comedy responsibility to become shills for Obama, after seeing this list of bigwigs in bed with the President, would you consider risking your career in exchange for a few laughs?


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