Does Jimmy Kimmel know Obama Ate a Dog?

Does Jimmy Kimmel know Obama Ate a Dog?

Does Jimmy Kimmel know Obama ate a dog or that he’s unnaturally attached to a teleprompter and that he’s currently responsible for the worst “recovery” since the Great Depression? How about Obama’s “War on Everything…” or “corpse-man” or his ears?

Maybe before the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner someone should get this so-called comedian updated:

“It’s hard to make fun of Obama in general because he’s a cool character,” ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel, the “headliner” for this Saturday night’s White House Correspondents’ Association dinner, told Reuters, insisting that “outside of his ears, there’s not a whole lot” to joke about.

Kimmel, of course, had no trouble coming up with anti-Republican candidate zingers. Reuters reporter Mary Milliken, in a Tuesday dispatch, relayed Kimmel’s “hope is to have a ‘nice mixture of prepared and off-the-cuff comedy’ for the black tie gala.” She passed along “a few hints of the ammunition is in his joke holster,” starting with his take on the presumptive nominee: “Mitt Romney looks like a Sears catalog model.”

That’s nothing more than cowardly Kimmel making excuses in advance of his appearance.

There’s plenty of material for anyone interested in knocking The One. The problem is that Kimmel doesn’t want to say anything that might stick to Obama.

But even if Kimmel wanted to, if he did, his late night talk show would be boycotted by all kinds of famous guests. Then he’s screwed.

Nope, better to sell his soul and guard the palace.

Good dog (if you’ll pardon the expression).


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