Comedy Central Whines About Conservative Tweets

Comedy Central Whines About Conservative Tweets

Comedy Central’s programming lineup is littered with liberals, from Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to the new “Key & Peele” show. No matter how hard you squint you won’t find a show catering to the Right.

So what does the network do when it sees conservative jokesters trumping their liberal peers on Twitter?

Whine, whine whine.

Check out this Comedy Central “Indecision” blog post dubbed, “Conservative Hashtag Games Are Ruining Twitter.” The author, Gonzalo Cordova, is kevetching that every time those wonderful liberals start a social media meme conservatives hijack it for their own cause.

Everyone in power deserves to be ridiculed. If that wasn’t true, we’d be wasting our time with this blog (instead of just wasting your time with this blog). I don’t have a problem with these hashtag games politically. I have a problem with these hashtag games comedically….Liberals, hashtags rarely work in your favor and they’re often hijacked by obsessive conservatives. Conservatives, please be funnier.

Liberals clearly are dismayed by the power of Twitter and how its level playing field plays to the Right’s advantage. Unlike, say, movies … TV shows … music … universities … the media in toto … which all lean decidedly to the Left.

Rather than urge the Left to get funnier, or loosen up a bit, or even fight fire with fire, the author whines that conservatives simply won’t play nice. Plus, he doesn’t get their jokes.

Of course not. Conservatives wield humor based on the news the mainstream press won’t report. The poor blogger simply doesn’t get the references, or perhaps he finds anything mocking The One to be off limits.

Besides, the blog author couldn’t find these 15 gems?

The funniest part is when Cordova says “everyone in power deserves to be ridiculed.” Maybe he can pass that message along to the comedians on his channel. Or David Letterman. The “Late Show” host clearly didn’t get that memo.


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