Joy Behar: Gay Conservatives Only Think with Their Penises

Joy Behar: Gay Conservatives Only Think with Their Penises

First Dan Savage insults the conservative gay group GOProud by calling them “House F*ggots” because they support Mitt Romney. Now Joy Behar has jumped in on the left’s latest conservative gay bash. Not only did she insult their intelligence, but she crossed the line concerning Governor Romney’s children.

Noel Sheppard at NewsBusters reports that Ms. Behar asked her gay guests if GOProud supports Governor Romney just because they find his sons attractive. Not only that, but her guests joined in on the bashing!

JOY BEHAR, HOST: Do you think Romney will ever get the gay vote? I don’t think he’s going to get it any way.

HOWARD BRAGMAN, REPUTATION.COM: No, I don’t, unless his sons do a spread in GQ shirtless, and then I think it’ll be fine.

BEHAR: Could it be that the GOProud guys are just attracted to Mitt Romney’s sons Matt, Mutt, Tag, Tip, Tack, and Bashful? Do you think that’s the issue?

BRAGMAN: I would love a magic underwear photo shoot. I think we could…

BEHAR: What is that, anyway? Haven’t they seen “The Book of Mormon?” They call themselves gay and they haven’t been to “The Book of Mormon?” Unbelievable.

Disgusting. Yes, GOProud simply chooses who they support because of looks. Both Ms. Behar and her guests imply that conservative gay men only think of sex and reduce them to nothing but a penis. But, then again, this is the party that reduced women to vaginas just last week, so I’m not too shocked.

Oh, they’re gay, so they must love musicals too! How dare the members of GOProud not see “The Book of Mormon” yet! Get thee to a Broadway theater or else you can’t call yourself gay.

The left would be outraged and calling for heads if anyone on the right said liberal gay men voted for Obama because they found him attractive.

But then there’s the utter disrespect for Governor Romney’s sons. Like Mr. Sheppard asks, if Sasha and Malia Obama were over 18, could you imagine the outcry from everyone if anyone said this about them? Children of politicians at ANY age are completely off limits.

For someone who belongs to the political team that is supposed to be tolerant and against “H8,” Ms. Behar is intolerant and hates gay conservatives. How dare the members of GOProud think for themselves! Don’t they know the liberals know what’s best for them?

The members of GOProud are intelligent and wise, having come to their support of Mitt Romney through reason over a wide range of issues in the face of intense public criticism and mockery. Of course, Ms. Behar doesn’t care how they may view these issues in relation to their identity as homosexuals; to her, it all boils down to sexual attraction to people who aren’t even in the race. 

And as long as she continues to talk about this group rather than to them, Behar and the left will continue to prove themselves the bigots they are.


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