Obama Cites Tax Dodger Marc Anthony to Push Higher Taxes

Obama Cites Tax Dodger Marc Anthony to Push Higher Taxes

Tuesday, President Obama attacked Mitt Romney and Republican lawmakers for opposing increased taxes on the rich. The President referred to himself and singer Marc Anthony, who performed at the event, as examples of those individuals who would ideally pay more under his plan:

Governor Romney disagrees with my vision. That’s what democracy is all about: we choose. His allies in Congress disagree with my vision. They’ve got a different approach. Neither of them will endorse any policy that asks folks like me or Marc Anthony to pay even a nickel more in taxes.

However, Anthony may not be so eager to contribute more to the Federal Treasury. The singer has been cited for millions in unpaid taxes multiple times over the years:

According to a New York judgments and liens filing dating back to March 29, Anthony (under his real name, Marco Antonio Muniz), was hit with a tax lien on some property he owns in Long Island. But that’s not the only time he’s failed to pay the government its due.

The Latin popster also had a lien filed against the same piece of real estate in December of 2009, this one for $1.6 million, bringing the total amount owed to the IRS to a whopping $3.4 million.

In 2007, the crooner paid $2.5 million in back taxes to federal and state goverments for failing to file returns on nearly $15.5 million in income over a five-year period.

This report was from 2010. The current status of Mr. Anthony’s tax filings is unknown.