Louis C.K., Dane Cook Back Tosh in Rape Joke Kerfuffle

Louis C.K., Dane Cook Back Tosh in Rape Joke Kerfuffle

Louis C.K. and Dane Cook have Daniel Tosh’s back.

This week, Tosh became the latest comedian to apologize for part of his stand-up routine. The host of Comedy Central’s “Tosh.0,” who often traffics in dark and absurdist humor, claimed rape jokes can be funny during an appearance at Hollywood’s Laugh Factory. When a female comedy club patron objected, he fired back that it would be hilarious if she were suddenly gang-raped right there.

Tosh eventually apologized, but fellow comics aren’t so sure he needed to do so.

C.K., whose own ugly tweets about former Gov. Sarah Palin hurt his career, sent Tosh an encouraging Tweet after the apology went down.

“@danieltosh your show makes me laugh every time I watch it,” C.K. wrote. “And you have pretty eyes.”

Not to be outdone, former “it” comic Cook Tweeted support for Tosh, ending his message with the hashtag #fucksorry, but the Tweet was quickly deleted.

Will other comedians step up on Tosh’s behalf, particularly comics who have caught grief for their own R-rated antics? Or will this be another instance when fellow comedians are too cowed by possible blowback to offer their support to a peer in need?

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