Useful Idiot: Sean Penn Campaigns for Hugo Chavez

Useful Idiot: Sean Penn Campaigns for Hugo Chavez

Sean Penn, the Oscar-winning actor who reveres dictators and nations that hate America, campaigned with Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez at a rally in Venezuela on Sunday for Chavez’s reelection campaign. Chavez is running for another six-year term. 

Newsbusters has the video of the rally in which Penn rode with Chavez atop a truck.

According to Reuters, Penn, who is a personal friend of Chavez’s, “waved from the stage, fist-bumped and hugged Chavez, but did not address the rally.” 

“Thank you very much for visiting us again, dear friend,” Chavez said, according to Reuters, after acknowledging Penn. “We’re all Americans, from the north, the center, the south. Long live the American continent!”


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