Cher Goes Racial (Again): 'F*** These Old White Men'

Cher Goes Racial (Again): 'F*** These Old White Men'

Cher isn’t too keen on white people, apparently.

The one-named wonder can’t stop using the term “white” in a derogatory fashion on Twitter. It’s like a tic, only no one in the racial grieving industry seems to consider it racist that she used the word in such a manner.

She’s already mocked Mitt Romney for being white, apparently a grave sin in the singer’s eyes. Romney can’t help being white. He was born that way.

Now, she’s lashing out at old white men for disagreeing with her stance on a woman’s right to abort a fetus. It took two whole Tweets to fit in her anti-white rage. The following captures the end of one Cher Tweet and the beginning of another:

… fuck these old white men who couldnt laid — with a fist full of hundreds!

And, like many a thoughtful Web pundit, she used ALL CAPS to let us know she really, really means it.


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