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The Conversation Has Started

The Conversation Has Started

It has been little over a week since Stephen K. Bannon and I launched The Hope and The Change. The film, which consists of only Democrat and independent voters from seven swing states who voted for President Obama in 2008 has received wide praise from both Democrats and Republicans for being smart. 

This new documentary, which was focus grouped in the battleground states of Ohio and Virginia has tested well among the very voters who will decide this election. The trailer has been viewed over 146,000 times on YouTube, and Sean Hannity’s special on the film has been re-aired three times. Stephen and I wanted to start a conversation with Americans and by the initial results they are talking. 

The first time the Hannity special aired over 2.25 million people watched the program making it the #1 rated show in all of cable news that evening. The reason people are talking about this film is that it is an unfiltered look at real Americans struggling as a result of President Obama’s policies. 

The media has constantly neglected to tell what is really happening to your average Americans. “The Hope and The Change” tells their unscripted and unrehearsed stories.   

As you can see by the following quotes from our Democrat and independent cast members who voted for President Obama in 2008, they are clearly frustrated with Obama’s America:

“I supported Obama the first time. I don’t see the change.”

“I thought, just like a lot of people, he promised the change and we all got fooled.”

“He’s done a lousy job.”

“I voted for the wrong guy.”

“I think the legacy of Barack Obama is going to be that he made a lot of promises, got into office and couldn’t fulfill them.”

“When I hear the phrase ‘hope and change,’ I definitely think of bait and switch.”

“It’s almost like buyer’s remorse. You just have that tendency of wanting to almost take the item back and see if you can get your money back.”

“Obama’s a great con artist.”

“I’m not interested in what he says anymore, I’m interested in what he’s done.”

“We’ve tried change and this is what change got us.”

As we continue with the rollout of The Hope and The Change, we will soon be announcing a major way Americans can see this important and game changing film.  Americans need to have this conversation about the future of our country.


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