Political Correctness and the Rise of Sharia Law

Political Correctness and the Rise of Sharia Law

My Dear Friends,

In a follow up to my article last week, I ask you to watch this! 

Now, there could be several points of view. Perhaps this is some CIA misinformation video to cause Islamophobia — or some vast right wing conspiracy, or Christians are responsible — or no, maybe it’s none of these. Maybe it’s … that’s it, the Jews, they are behind it! There they go again!

Or what if it is just as the video depicts? What then?

My fellow Americans, please help me. I just want the truth! Does anyone out there know? Is this real? Could it be that one of the greatest journalists, Oriana Fallaci, got it right in her book “The Force of Reason?”

Could it be that David Horowitz and others have forewarned us? Could it be that the New York Times magazine section was just a hoax when it did an article on the Father of this movement, Sayyid Qutb, nine years ago? Sayyid Qutb’s brother, Muhammad Qutb, was one of those people. Paul Berman has written for the magazine about Vaclav Havel, Vicente Fox … 

Could it be that the President and Uncle Joe Biden, are the answer for America and the western world’s survival? Please help me. I want to know the TRUTH … I ask ALL of Hollywood while we fiddle with awards shows and watch those pretty, glittering asses walk the Red Carpet in stunning low cut gowns; create content that is offensive to some, (and I include myself – I mean, can you imagine a midnight showing of “Showgirls” in the Middle East?); live a lifestyle that would be condemned and cost us our lives!

I ask ALL my fellow actors, actresses, singers, rappers, musicians, writers, producers, directors, agents, publicists, talk show hosts, comedians, newscasters, network heads and studio heads – all of you, who are much more knowledgeable, nuanced and smarter than I. What do you know that I am missing? Please tell me –What is the TRUTH? 

Because if this IS the truth then we are all guilty of propagating the destruction of the Western world and with it America … and IF this VIDEO is TRUE — then we must vote for Gov. Mitt Romney for president, as there is no other choice! Because it is not just the economy but the survival of freedom — or WAIT! perhaps it is really the way we SHOULD live — under Sharia Law , it would make a lot of things easier and we could get rid of the lawyers, maybe that’s the truth, maybe our society has become so corrupt we need Sharia Law to straighten it all out.

I mean, we have taken the Ten Commandments out of the town square. Maybe woman have become sluts and their fathers “pimps,” maybe people shouldn’t love who they wish to love, then we have no need for the ACLU, or even the psycho-babble of nuanced thinking.

A spritiual void has been created in America. We can’t say, “Merry Christmas” – it offends some. No prayer in school – it offends some. Take the crucifix off the military headstones – it offends some. Do not mention God – it offends some! 

So now we need something to fill the void. We no longer need a balance of power nor the Supreme Court — guess what? Sharia will fill the void.

You know what, I just might convert. For one thing Hollywood would open its arms to me. I bet I’d get a lot more work! Because then I could have the blessing of being politically correct — and they would all RALLY round me! Yes! The Left would love me! And you know what, if this video is true, then I will lead a march with my gay and lesbian brothers and sisters right smack in the middle of Cairo for starters! The first Gay pride parade in the Middle East! George are you in? Ellen? Ollie? Bruce, Bette, Madonna, Gaga … lets do a concert there. Chaim Saban will you fund it?

Because if American foreign policy has been the problem – let’s please go there as ambassadors of peace and hold a few same sex wedding ceremonies there as well, because we all know America is the Great Satan!

“And the chickens have come home to roost …” Darn, I wish I could remember who said that – anyone remember?

So let’s go apologize for our way of life and all we have done wrong in our foreign policy because then we will have shown the rest of the world how far we’ve come !!! my media friends – Please help me –What is the TRUTH? Watch this and please tell me!

God Bless you all and God Bless America,



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