BH Interview: Dennis Prager Wants Carolla's 'Luck' to Rub Off on University Students

BH Interview: Dennis Prager Wants Carolla's 'Luck' to Rub Off on University Students

Radio talk show host Dennis Prager is fighting back against the era of entitlement thinking with a man known in some circles for encouraging girls to bounce on trampolines.

Prager’s decades as a radio performer made it easy for him to look past Adam Carolla’s crass high jinks on “The Man Show” and applaud the thinker beneath the gags.

Now, the duo routinely plays before packed crowds, and they’ve teamed up for a new course at Prager University, the talk show host’s online education realm.

Adam Carolla on Luck” makes the case that sitting back and waiting for Lady Luck to kiss our cheeks is not only foolish but a sure way to squander life’s potential.

“We’re all unlucky … but that’s a good thing,” Carolla says in the short edu-segment extolling the virtues of “making” luck via hard work and dedication.

“It was his idea,” Prager says of how Carolla came up with the latest Prager University course. “It’s the message young people need today, you have to work hard in an age of entitlements.”

Carolla has been listening to Prager’s radio show for years, but the conservative talker wasn’t up on Carolla’s shtick until recently. When someone suggested Carolla appear on Prager’s radio show, the veteran talk show host admits he wasn’t sure what to expect.

“I was smitten immediately with both his remarkable wit and the speed of his mind and his values,” Prager says. The two quickly slipped into a performance groove, something to which those who see their joint act can attest. Their live act isn’t what some may expect, brushing past their individual personas to reveal new, unexpected shadings.

“He has serious points to make, and I have humorous points to make,” he says.

A cynic could say Prager was reaching out to a younger fan base via the Carolla “Luck” course. Prager insists that’s hardly the approach behind the venture.

“We choose who is the best at making the following case, period. If they have a young demographic, great. We just want the finest five minute presentation,” he says.

Those who listen to Carolla’s comedy podcast have noticed a rightward tilt to his colorful rants. Carolla even signed on recently to do a weekly segment on Fox News’ “The O’Reilly Factor.”

Prager won’t take credit for any political evolution, though it appears he’s enjoying watching it up close.

“I always let people go at their own pace. I never push. Once the liberal brain wash is broken,  there’s a flood tide. Reality starts to set in,” he says. “It’s only a matter of time until everything falls into place.”

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