'Homeland' Star A-OK with Obama's Drone Strikes

'Homeland' Star A-OK with Obama's Drone Strikes

A long, long time ago – when George W. Bush sat in the Oval Office – actors routinely decried the country’s measures to stop terrorism.Now, with a liberal in the White House, the same community is virtually silent about our anti-terrorist actions.

Case in point: “Homeland” star Damian Lewis.The newly minted Emmy winner has no problem with Obama’s use of drones to hit back against America’s enemies.

“I think by a ratio of something like every one in four days, he orders a drone strike to Bush’s every one in 10 days when he was in office. It’s obviously his preferred method of attack, you know,” said Lewis, who plays a Marine-turned-terrorist on “Homeland.”

The Emmy winner added that he won’t “condemn” politicians who’ve had to make that call.

“Each president, each prime minister of my country knows that every time they sanction another strike they know that’s what happens,” Lewis said. “By the way, I don’t condemn them for that. It’s a non-enviable position to be in. I’m not in the middle of making some grand political statement.  There is no perfect answer.”