Box Office Predictions: 'Taken 2' Looks To Repeat, 'Atlas' Returns.

Box Office Predictions: 'Taken 2' Looks To Repeat, 'Atlas' Returns.

Sensei watched as “Taken 2” easily took last weekend‘s box office crown. There’s plenty of new releases vying for the top spot this time around.

This weekend’s predictions and revenue results go as follows.

1. “Taken 2″ ($24 million) – Easily becoming one of the Fall’s biggest blockbusters. Again, Liam Neeson will grab the top spot and give a much needed boost to the overall box office.

2. “Hotel Transylvania” ($19 million) -Film still has the family audience demographic cornered. It also helps that the film’s themes are fitting in nicely with upcoming Halloween.

3. “Sinister” ($16 million) – Film deserves credit for being inventive, something that’s very hard to do in the current horror genre. Old school thrills can serve this film well, but a mid-level opening is set here because of so many new releases.

4. “Argo” ($14 million) – Film has early Oscar buzz and Ben Affleck’s directing duties reflected well with audiences in “The Town.” This historical drama also resonates with the current political climate. Look for pretty decent results here.

5. “Here Comes The Boom” ($11 million) – Kevin James may need to go back to the drawing board at this point. His latest will only continue his string of box office disappointments.

In other calls:

“Seven Psychopaths” looks to open around $6 million. “Atlas Shrugged: Part II” should pull in around $3 million off its 800+ theaters.

That’s the word from Sensei.