NBC Preps Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Starring Obama Celebs

NBC Preps Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser Starring Obama Celebs

Get ready for the mainstream media’s last big sucker punch before next Tuesday’s presidential election. Raising money for the victims of disaster by doing a benefit concert is nothing new. But NBC is trotting out all of its favorite anti-Romney celebrities to do it. There are zero – count ’em, zero – country stars. There are, however, several open advocates for President Obama, including:

  • Bruce Springsteen: The old hack has been touring around doing fundraising for Obama for months. A couple of weeks ago, Springsteen performed in Ohio, where he debuted a new song he wrote for the President. The song was titled “Forward.” The lyrics: “I kissed your sister and I kissed your mama/ Usually this time of day I’m in your pajamas / Let’s vote for the man who got Osama / Forward and away we go.” Really. It continues: “I came to Ohio lookin’ for a date / We kissed and I said it’s a helluva state / We made love but it wasn’t so great / Forward, and away we go / Smilin’ Joe, he really brought the drama / Tuesday, Romney was schooled by Obama / Forward!”
  • Jon Bon Jovi: He’s been playing fundraisers for Obama in Iowa, among other places.
  • Sting: He has said that Obama was “sent from God.” Really.
  • Christina Aguilera: She’s an official Hillary Clinton honoree. And ogle-ee.
  • Billy Joel: In 2008, he did concerts for Obama.

The event will be hosted by Obama official ring-kisser Matt Lauer, Obama softball-questioner Brian Williams, and Obama slow-jammer Jimmy Fallon.

Watch for the network to turn this into an ode to Obama’s grand and glorious leadership during Hurricane Sandy.


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