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Hysterical: Funny or Die Says Obamacare Site a Snap to Surf

Hysterical: Funny or Die Says Obamacare Site a Snap to Surf

Funny or Die finally found something comical to say during its Obamacare propaganda videos, but it’s not the kind of laughter the humor destination had in mind.

The site’s second video hawking the unpopular, buggy legislation features a “man on the street” style interview with Olivia Wilde and site regular Billy Eichner. He tells her a series of statements, and she must say if they are applicable to Obamacare or not.

If not, she is told to say, “shut up!”

The ensuing statements trot out Obamacare talking points which may or may not prove verifiable, but one particular item we already know is laughably false.

“You can sign up for health care online in 10 minutes,” the man tells Wilde.

“Obamacare!” she cries with excitement.

Even the mainstream media, wholly invested in Obamacare’s success, has admitted the legislation’s web site is a nightmare. Somehow, the bubble in which the folks at Funny or Die dwell is so thick it hasn’t allowed the countless tales of web site crashes to sneak in.


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