Sarah Palin: A&E 'Absolute Quacks' for Suspending Duck Dynasty Patriarch

Sarah Palin: A&E 'Absolute Quacks' for Suspending Duck Dynasty Patriarch

On Thursday, former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin said the executives at A&E were really “stupid” and “absolute quacks” for indefinitely suspending Duck Dynasty patriarch Phil Robertson for comments he made to GQ that were deemed to be “anti-gay.”

Appearing on Fox News’s Hannity, Palin said A&E “really screwed up” in getting rid “of the most popular patriarch on television today.” She said other networks, including the Sportsman Channel on which she will have her own reality show in the spring of 2014, would “nab these guys up in a heartbeat.”

She said A&E executives were “absolute quacks on this one” and noted that the network’s new slogan is “Be original.” Palin said that slogan translates today into “Be stupid.” 

Palin also emphasized that soldiers have spilled blood to guarantee all Americans can express their “personal opinions,” echoing her comments Wednesday in which she said that “free speech is an endangered species.” 

On Hannity, Palin said that the network could “succumb to the thought police” and “chicken out” to stifle Roberton’s “personal opinion,” or allow views with which A&E executives may not agree to air in the spirit of open debate and tolerance.

Palin said if Americans feel like A&E is marginalizing and stifling someone “who is filled with faith and gospel,” they will be “smart enough to understand what’s going on here,” and, as a result, “A&E’s going to feel it.”