Box Office Predictions: 'Ride Along' Repeats, 'Lone Survivor' Burns 'I, Frankenstein'

Box Office Predictions: 'Ride Along' Repeats, 'Lone Survivor' Burns 'I, Frankenstein'

Last week’s holiday weekend was big at the box office. Sensei loves this frame, but will we see the momentum continue this weekend?

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

1. Ride Along ($20 million) – Turns out Jack Ryan’s fall was this one’s gain. Film ended up setting a record MLK weekend record last week. Good stuff. Audience ratings were surprisingly strong, easily out-ranking Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. Look for a repeat win off those results.

2. The Nut Job ($13 million)– Sensei was right about this one surprising last weekend, film actually had a very healthy opening. Weather permitting, this one should grab some more family audiences.

3. Lone Survivor ($12 million)– The year’s first blockbuster continues to impress. Considering this film only carried a $40 million production budget, it will also easily be one of the most profitable films released this year. Look for an easy break of the $90 million domestic mark as the film marches on toward $100 million. A result that continues to shock many in Hollywood.

4. I, Frankenstein ($11.2 million) – This one was actually set up well until Lone Survivor became such a breakout hit. Now, it will have to compete for those coveted action audiences. Lone Survivor clearly has the word of mouth edge here, but this film could still escape a single digit box office start.

5. Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit ($9 million)– Oh, where to begin. Audiences gave the film “B” ratings across the board last week. Adding to its problems was the lack of a broad audience (audience was mainly older, not the younger demographics). But really in the end, the film carried a general lack of past Jack Ryan creativity, instead focusing on a overlong relationship sub-plot when it should have been engaged in smarter thrills. It’s a shame, because this really was a missed opportunity to reboot a beloved franchise.

In other calls:

Congrats to Mathew McConaughey on his Oscar nomination for Dallas Buyers Club. Film will do well off its theater expansion this weekend. Look for around a $6 million gross.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Enjoy the weekend.