Woody Allen Heckled at Theater: 'I Think He Did It'

Woody Allen Heckled at Theater: 'I Think He Did It'

Woody Allen continues to suffer from the fallout of estranged daughter Dylan Farrow’s open letter accusing the famed auteur of sexually molesting her at the age of 7.

Allen has never been charged with the crime and he continues to proclaim his innocence. The open letter has impacted some people, apparently, witness an ugly exchange over the weekend, reported by The New York Post.

Allen, his wife Soon-Yi and their two daughters were at a performance of After Midnight at the Brooks Atkinson Theater Satuday afternoon when the trouble began.

The moment the show ended and the crowd stood for the ovation, the famously shy director, who is nominated for Best Original Screenplay for “Blue Jasmine,” and his family made a beeline for the door. But he didn’t go unnoticed by the crowd. A witness tells us, “A 60-something woman loudly exclaimed to her friend, ‘I think he did it!’ as Woody and his family scooted out. A protective Soon-Yi shot her a dirty look. 

The scandal is also causing problems for ticket sales tied to Bullets Over Broadway, the new musical based on Allen’s 1994 film of the same name.