Concerned Women for America: Miley Cyrus' Behavior Sign of 'Cultural Sewage'

Concerned Women for America: Miley Cyrus' Behavior Sign of 'Cultural Sewage'

Singer Miley Cyrus may have thumbed her nose at critics of her risqué Bangerz tour, but parents and concerned citizen groups are still weighing in on what many see as a performer who is evolving into a symbol of cultural decay.

As Breitbart News’ Christian Toto has reported, Cyrus tweeted a message to critics of her racy on-stage antics: “Save your complaints for the McDonalds drive thru when they forget the ‘fries with that.'”

People has reported Cyrus’ latest surprise. Dressed in a sparkling black cat suit and platform pumps, the former Hannah Montana, while singing Adore You during her Bangerz concert in Los Angeles on Saturday, slipped down from the stage and locked lips with Katy Perry, who was sitting in the front row.

Cyrus’ Bangerz tour also features simulated oral sex, twerking and lying on top of phallic symbols. As Breitbart News reported, Cyrus’ managers have been flooded with complaints, primarily from parents who are either demanding refunds or posting tickets they purchased for resale online.

“It is encouraging to see that parents are reaching a boiling point regarding the coarse and vulgar entertainment being offered their children,” Janice Shaw Crouse, Ph.D., of Concerned Women for America, told Breitbart News. “But really, how much lower could it go? Frankly, it’s about time people began saying ‘enough!'”

Crouse, who is an authority on national and international cultural, children, and women’s concerns–such as sex trafficking–said that Cyrus’ shocking transformation from Hannah Montana to the sexually explicit antics seen during the Bangerz tour is overwhelming for parents.

“The parental reaction to Miley is very personal for the parents who have been right there with their youngsters as they’ve grown up with Hannah Montana,” Crouse continued. “It’s like those parents are seeing a close friend of their child get off track. It is just too close to home, and they fear for their child’s future when they see Miley engage in more and more deeply disturbing behavior.”

“A definite line has been crossed, and the most lenient of parents see it clearly,” said Crouse. “Nobody wants their child to descend into such destructive behavior; most parents can see that Miley needs help and they don’t want to be part of the problem by seeming to accept and promote the disintegration of such a beautiful and talented girl.”

“It is way past time for the grown-ups to be in charge of the place,” Crouse added. “This cultural sewage is becoming pervasive, and the dereliction of duty that is so evident among those who should be guiding young people has become a national embarrassment.”