Conspiracy Theory: Did Christie's BridgeGate Sink 'American Hustle' at the Oscars?

Conspiracy Theory: Did Christie's BridgeGate Sink 'American Hustle' at the Oscars?

The editorial staff of PolitickerNJ, a website dedicated to the ins and outs and assorted corrupt acts of New Jersey politicians, is outraged at the sad fate of David O. Russell film American Hustle at the Oscars last night. And they found a culprit: “Did Bridgegate tire out the subject matter?”

Yes, someone out there is wondering whether an overdose of N.J. Gov. Chris Christie could make an audience lose their appetite for Bradley Cooper.

The PolitickerNJ staff do not exactly make an argument, per se, but they do float the question, after sharing their anguish with the world. “We waited all night long for Hustle to get at least one best something,” the editors lament, adding that they see the film’s lack of awards as a loss for New Jersey, “with any number of kooky and crusty political portraits flushed into Oscar oblivion with the failure of American Hustle to score an award.” And they conclude with a question: “Did Bridgegate tire out the subject matter?”

Hustle presented the return to form of Silver Linings winners Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence, along with a number of big-name stars like Amy Adams, Jeremy Renner and Christian Bale. The story, set in 1970s New Jersey, tells the tale of an odd collection of con men and women who aid an FBI agent in a larger than life scheme. 

While reminiscent of the wacky plots of politicians in the area at the time, it has little to do with the plot by former senior advisers in the Christie administration shutting down the George Washington Bridge in order to enact revenge, potentially, against Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich.

The latest developments in that real-life story are the production of new texts between former Deputy Chief of Staff Bridget Kelly and former Port Authority senior staffer David Wildstein, in which the latter mocked a popular rabbi and joked that “flights to Tel Aviv” would be “mysteriously delayed” if he had his way.

Rabbi Mendy Carlebach, on his end, was completely baffled as to how he ended up a target of Wildstein’s or involved in BridgeGate in any way.


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