Conservative Filmmakers Ask CPAC Attendees for Help Winning Culture Wars

Conservative Filmmakers Ask CPAC Attendees for Help Winning Culture Wars

NATIONAL HARBOR, Maryland–It’s not a miracle that Hollywood is finally making some big budget, faith based films like Noah and Exodus. Church groups flocked to see The Bible on the small screen as well as films like The Passion of the Christ, Fireproof and the just-released Son of God.

Now, conservative filmmakers attending this weekend’s CPAC gathering have a message for right-leaning Americans. We need your help, too.

The minds behind the upcoming feature In Search of Liberty set up shop at CPAC’s exhibit hall and announced its upcoming campaign with a video preceding the Persecuted screening Saturday.

Persecuted writer/director Daniel Lusko struck on a similar theme during CPAC’s Hollywood panel yesterday. Lusko implored the audience to visit his film’s official web site, and then he explained why his message was more than a standard film plug.

“We need people to pre-sell [tickets], to make those commitments,” Lusko told the crowd. That way, conservative films can open in more theaters and have a better chance of reaching the masses. Less theaters means smaller box office receipts, and suddenly audiences are stuck with liberal movies like Promised Land and Elysium and little to balance them out.

Conservatives, he said, must vote with their movie dollars.

The good news is that talented crew members are eager to help conservatives tell the stories they want to share. Lusko shot Persecuted in New Mexico using crews that just recently worked on the AMC series Breaking Bad.

“They didn’t care about the political elements [in ‘Persecuted’]. They just wanted to make a good movie,” he said.