Box Office Predictions: 'Captain America' Looks To Three-peat, 'Heaven Is For Real' Impresses Again

Box Office Predictions: 'Captain America' Looks To Three-peat, 'Heaven Is For Real' Impresses Again

Captain America: The Winter Soldier goes for that rare three-peat atop the box office.

Interesting match-ups this week as new releases try to top Captain America. As we get closer to the Summer frame, anything can happen at the box office.

Sensei’s weekend predictions and revenue results are as follows:

 1. Captain America: The Winter Soldier ($16.2 million)– Pretty tough to go against the Captain at this point. Word of mouth is very positive and the margins look great. Film already crossed the $200 million mark domestically, and is set to challenge the $400 million overseas mark this week. That’s quite a strong performance.

2. Heaven is for Real ($14.5 million)– Look for another strong performance this weekend. Film scored anotherwin this week (last Tuesday) atop the box office, a result that intriguedstudio executives alike. Film will easily break the $50 million domesticmark this weekend. Faith-based dramas are continuing to be a strong box office ticket.

3. The Other Woman ($14 million) – Cameron Diaz does have box office strength to her name, but this comedy is more “by the numbers,” than her previous entries (Bad Teacher, etc). Still, will be a close match-up to watch as the weekend unfolds.

4. Rio 2 ($12 million)– Film has fallen behind the original Rio’s box office pace. That result looks to directly affect the decision on a third entry in the franchise. As of now, a third entry looks to be safe, but only time will tell at this point.

5. Brick Mansions ($7 million)– Actor Paul Walker is deeply missed and fans will get a chance to see his return to the big screen. Off the screen count here (2,400+), film will have a respectable opening.

In Other Calls:

Look for The Quiet Ones to post around a $5 million opening, and watch for God’s Not Dead to break the $52 million domestic mark.

Those are Sensei’s calls. Have a great weekend.