Whoopi Goldberg: Jay-Z Had 'Right to Hit' Solange

Whoopi Goldberg: Jay-Z Had 'Right to Hit' Solange

On ABC’s “The View” co-host Whoopi Goldberg said that Jay-Z had the “right” to hit his sister-in-law Solange Knowles back when she was hitting and kicking him in a hotel elevator.

“I think Solange was ready for him to do whatever he was going to do,” Whoopi said. “This is the thing, if anybody hits you, you have the right — I know that many people are raised in a very different way but if a woman hits you, to me, you have the right to hit her back.”

Earlier this week, leaked surveillance video revealed Beyonce Knowles’s sister Solange attacking Beyonce’s husband Jay-Z.

Most people would agree Jay-Z certainly has a right to defend himself against injury — to deflect and maybe even attempt to restrain any female attacker, but to “hit her back” within the context Whoopi is arguing is way over the line. Jay-Z probably has 80 pounds of muscle on her, and from what I’ve seen, he handled himself the way a man should in that situation.

Men don’t hit women.

This isn’t the first time Whoopi has expressed misguided thoughts on “The View.” In 2012 she attempted to mitigate director Roman Polasnki’s rape of a 13 year child by saying it wasn’t “rape-rape.”


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