Well I Never! Feminists Demand Special Treatment from Seth MacFarlane

Well I Never! Feminists Demand Special Treatment from Seth MacFarlane

With Democrats and the media gearing up to elect Hillary Clinton president, the obvious gameplan is to prep the battlefield by creating a cult of personality around women. If you are in any way paying attention, our cultural and media overseers seem to have  coordinated a campaign where America is required to celebrate women simply because they don’t sport a penis.

Women are awesome, just cuz.

It is certainly not about equality anymore. Women are now promoted as The Master Race. Everything is better with women. America would run better with women. The left-wing Politico, one of the biggest voices in DC media, has already started a creepy “Women Rule!” campaign. The Washington Post has its just-as creepy “She the People” feature.

But that’s not enough for feminists. No, just like the left-wing gay movement, The Master Female Race now wants special treatment from satirists like Seth MacFarlane. The feminist campaign to shame MacFarlane into leaving women alone started in earnest with his hosting of the 2013 Oscars and has heated up again with the release of his bigscreen comedy, “A Million Ways to Die in the West.”

Over at Slate, Aisha Harris is complaining that a COMEDY FILM fails to present a “progressive female character.” After crybabying *sigh* over MacFarlane joking about boobs at the Oscars, Harris explains what so offends her:

To anyone familiar with MacFarlane’s work, that will likely be unsurprising. This is the same guy who did an entire musical number about famous actresses’ boobs at the Oscars, the same guy who has a penchant for lame rape jokes. But A Million Ways stands out from his oeuvre because MacFarlane does attempt to subvert sexist tropes through the character of leading lady Anna (Charlize Theron). It’s just that he fails. Spoilers follow. …

But whatever effort MacFarlane and his co-writers Alec Sulkin and Wellsely Wild put into subverting the Old West stereotypes of women is for naught: Soon it becomes clear that the only reason for Anna’s character to exist is so that she can give MacFarlane’s wimpy, neurotic sheep farmer, Albert, the chance to be a hero.

Harris then complains that Theron’s character in a COMEDY FILM is not well enough developed:

Theron has been praised as one of the few bright spots in the film, and she deserves credit for trying to elevate the movie. But “dialogue with f-bombs galore” and some skill with a gun does not a well-developed female character make. Anna may be a far cry from every other female character in MacFarlane’s world, who are so frequently the punch line of misogynistic jokes.

The top story over at the left-wing BuzzFeed two days ago was Alison Willmore’s personal attack on MacFarlane. And, yes, Wilmore is still simmering over the whole Oscar/boobs thing:

The thing is, love or hate MacFarlane’s brand of humor, his smug, brotastic persona is basically the opposite of lovable. In A Million Ways to Die in the West, it’s a giant, self-created obstacle he doesn’t manage to overcome. Whatever he might be like in person, MacFarlane’s cultivated a permasmirk in public that serves as a pre-emptive response to anyone who dares get offended by one of his gags — like the one at the Oscars when he opened the night by singing that awful two-minute ode to seeing actresses’ boobs, all in the guise of a slight against himself. (The joke is that it’s an offensive joke, y’all!)

If feminists don’t want to be mocked as humorless, joyless scolds, they might want to stop acting like humorless, joyless scolds.

I managed to have a pretty good time at “A Million Ways to Die in the West” despite quite a few barbs aimed at my Christian faith (a frequent MacFarlane target). But I happen to have a sense of humor and the skills to know the difference between biting satire and being attacked.

As is normally the case with MacFarlane, no one is spared in his Western comedy. But apparently that’s not good enough for our pearl-clutching, feminist Church Ladies who seem determined to shame MacFarlane into awarding them a special Get Out of Being Satirized Card.

If you want to have a debate that MacFarlane is coarsening the culture, fair enough. And when he does unfairly attack, I’m happy to grab a torch and pitchfork.

But this thin-skinned, hysterical Well-I-Nevering from feminists is so lacking in self-awareness these women can’t even see that they have become the living embodiment of a female stereotype that has been the target of ridicule for a century. They’re the Church Lady, Margaret Dumont, and every woman John Wayne has taken down a peg all rolled into one.  

Left-wing feminists think they’re ready to rule the world when they’re too thin-skinned to even take a good-natured joke. Somewhere Margaret Thatcher is praying for us all.


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