Cruz: Harry Reid Attack on First Amendment Makes 'SNL' Illegal

Cruz: Harry Reid Attack on First Amendment Makes 'SNL' Illegal

During a Senate floor speech, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) warned that the unintended consequence of a Constitutional Amendment, currently being pushed by Harry Reid and Senate Democrats, could result in political satire on “Saturday Night Live” being banned as illegal.

Other than being a full-frontal attack against the First Amendment, Reid’s proposal, which almost every Senate Democrat has signed on to, would give Congress the power to limit or eliminate what campaigns, political parties and outside groups spend on elections.

This is also known as fascism. Real fascism. The Dictionary definition of fascism.

Democrats are angry over the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision, which gave private corporations the same free speech rights that Democrat-supporting private unions and public unions (SEIU, teachers unions) have now: The right to unlimited free speech.

What a concept.

The point Cruz is making is that if Congress has the right to regulate what corporations can spend on politicking, because NBC is a corporation, someday a Congress could come along that uses that same Amendment to criminalize satire. That same Congress could also shut down MSNBC, which is an openly leftwing network funded by a corporation that openly pushes all kinds of issues.

The difference between what MSNBC does and what the Koch brothers do is there is no difference.


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