Barbra Streisand: America 'Advanced' Under Obama, Says Leader Doing Good Job

Barbra Streisand: America 'Advanced' Under Obama, Says Leader Doing Good Job

Barbra Streisand is singing President Barack Obama’s praises like it’s 2008 all over again.

Back then, the country appeared enamored of a leader who promised hope, change and the fundamental transformation of the nation.

Today, with Obama’s poll numbers crashing, his signature health care initiative in disarray and the U.S.’s position in the world shrinking, praising the president is an arduous task.

Not for the legendary singer.

Streisand is out promoting a new album of duets dubbed Partners, and during one interview fielded a politically charged question about both Hillary Clinton’s 2016 political aspirations as well as Obama’s job performance.

AP: Speaking of politics, have you spoken to Hillary Clinton whether she’ll run for president?

Streisand: I would love her to run. I think we have advanced with Obama, and I think people are giving him a hard time, which is not fair because this Affordable Care Act is working and it’s going to help a lot of people. But it’s like Greek tragedy, you know, they always try to bring down the gods, bring down the kings, bring down the leaders.

AP: Do you feel like he’s doing a good job?

Streisand: I do. And it’s right to take your time going to war and so forth. He has to be thoughtful.

The interviewer doesn’t ask any follow-up questions nor probes Streisand’s answers. It’s still a typical response on the subject from Obama’s loyal Hollywood supporters.

His job is oh, so hard. He doesn’t deserve the level of criticism he receives. ObamaCare is just wonderful, thank you for asking. It’s like a script passed around from agent to agent, one worked on rigorously by spin doctors and pundits alike.

And, like many Hollywood scripts, it has plenty of holes in it.

Obama’s approval ratings are nose-diving, even if media outlets refuse to promote their own polls revealing that ugly truth. The public, which approved of Obama enough to elect him twice, have seen enough.

Streisand blithely praises ObamaCare an the president’s “thoughtful” leadership while average voters see chaos and indecision. Her song remains the same despite evidence to the contrary.


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