Twitter Troll Victory: ‘I Love Kanye for Shining Light on Unknown Artist’ Paul McCartney

AP Photo/H. Dan Harr
AP Photo/H. Dan Harr

Twitter user @CurvedDaily pulled off an amazingly successful Twitter troll over the weekend when he thanked rapper Kanye West for his ability to “shine light on unknown artists” like the under-appreciated newcomer Paul McCartney.

West debuted a new song on New Year’s Eve featuring the former Beatle on piano, and the song quickly shot up the charts to #3 on iTunes.

However, the unusual collaboration sparked some outrage on Twitter after some clever trolls (or the most naive music aficionados ever) questioned “who tf” Paul McCartney is and praised West for giving the “newcomer” a chance to be heard.

Others quickly joined in.

“Who the f*** is Paul McCartney? This is why I f*** with Kanye. He always trying to put on new artists,” wrote @Theo_Sofianos.

According to the Independent, user @CurvedDaily started receiving heavy criticism almost immediately following his tweet. He even received death threats. So, naturally, he did the next logical thing: he took the joke even further:

Despite repeatedly insisting he knew who Paul McCartney was, the tweeter was forced to respond to hate messages and attacks all day.

Still, it looks like some people actually got the joke and played along. Perhaps humanity is not doomed after all.


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