Every Film Purchased at Sundance Last Year Flopped


The Sundance Film Festival begins this week and you know what that means: a coming onslaught of oppressive, non-stop coverage from the entertainment media about dozens of films no one will ever see … ever.

Deadline published a fine illustration of this point Friday with a breakdown of the gross box office numbers of every film purchased at Sundance last year. See the chart here.

The top-grosser was “Whiplash,” which grossed a humiliating $6.2 million. I say “humiliating” because it won a bunch of Oscar nominations, enjoyed a fairly wide release into 567 theatres, and cost $3.3 million plus whatever the publicity budget was.  Ouch.

And that’s the best any Sundance purchase did.

The Weinstein Company picked up two films that flamed out at $1.5 million and $531,000.

Don’t ever stop making movies for yourself, Hollywood.

In the meantime, those of us in the real world are going to go see “American Sniper” … again. 

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