Chelsea Handler Botches Tweet Attacking Trump’s Grandchild

Talk show host Chelsea Handler tweeted a joke mocking President Donald Trump’s unborn grandchild Monday afternoon, but appeared to misspell the word “genes,” leading Trump’s sons to reply with the correct spelling.


FBI Investigating Cyberattack on Sundance Film Festival

A cyber attack on the Sundance Film Festival that forced the closure of the festival’s box office on Saturday is now being reviewed by the Federal Bureau of Investigation, according to a report.


Deadline: College Rape Case Haunts ‘Birth of a Nation’ Star Nate Parker

As Nate Parker prepares for the wide release of his highly-anticipated breakout slave rebellion drama The Birth of a Nation, an old rape case brought against him 17 years ago while he was a student at Penn State could complicate Fox Searchlight’s ambitious plans for the film, which is already expected to be a major contender at next year’s Academy Awards.


PBS to Air Pro-Abortion Documentary During Key Supreme Court Abortion Decision

The pro-abortion documentary “Trapped” — which debuted to a standing ovation at the Sundance Film Festival last month — has snagged a distribution deal with four outlets including PBS’ Independent Lens, which will air the film this summer as the Supreme Court readies a key decision on abortion legislation.


‘DuVernay Test’ Proposed to Measure Diversity in Movies

New York Times film critic Manohla Dargis has coined the name of a new test that might measure the quality of diversity in a film — the DuVernay Test, a kind-of race-based variant of the Bechdel Test, which measures gender equality in film.

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Watch: Vincent Cassel Trains Child Assassins in ‘Partisan’ Trailer

The latest trailer for tense drama/thriller Partisan is here. Vincent Cassel stars as Gregori, the leader of a “community” (more like a cult) that trains up young children to do dangerous errands for the group, including assassinations. Here’s the official

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WATCH: ‘The Witch:’ Creepiest Trailer Ever?

The upcoming horror film The Witch got its first trailer this week – and man, it is just really, really creepy, in ways that most horror films try to be but aren’t.

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