Dating Site for ‘Hot’ People Expels 3,000 Members for Becoming Ugly

Three thousand members of, an exclusive international dating site, serving only those deemed the most eye-catching, signed-in to their computers Thursday to learn they had been booted for failing to maintain their coveted looks.

“This may sound harsh, and it is the most difficult part of managing the business,” the site’s co-owner Genevieve Hodge told the New York Daily News, via a statement, concluding: “We take no pleasure in removing members, but it is a necessary evil in order to maintain the beautiful community and our prized business model.”

Hodge’s husband Greg also commented on the decision to ban the former lookers: “Letting unattractive people populate the site would compromise the very concept for which was founded,” he told the Daily News.

Greg cited several provocations for the 3,000’s shunning, which included everything from weight gain to “graceless aging.”

In an email, the newly reckoned repugnant uglies were informed of the decision, and told to “try their luck” on a dating site for “ordinary people.” They were also encouraged to reapply “when they are back looking their best,” reports the Daily News.

That might be difficult, as according to the site, potential users can only gain a membership if their “hawt” peers superficially vote them in, based upon photos and short profile summaries.

The poet Alfred Lord Tennyson said, “‘Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all.” If the exiled never return to form, they can always bask in their former “Al Bundy-esque” glory.

To assist those attempting to get back on the sexy horse,’s administrators will offer free mentoring, from beauty experts to those who wish to become members again.

Beautiful People currently boasts more than 800,000 international members… um… 797,000 members…

Most of those to get the axe hailed from the United States, the Daily News reports.


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