Bagged Air from Kanye West Concert Selling for $45,000 on eBay

Rex Features via AP Images
Rex Features via AP Images

Do you have a measly $45,000 that you just can’t wait to be rid of? Have you ever wanted to breathe a small amount of the same air as Kanye West?

If you answered yes to the above questions, this eBay listing may be for you.

That auction was up to $45,000 with 47 bids before the seller ended it Sunday afternoon.

Kanye fans have apparently taken to the online auction site to offer up bags of air purportedly taken from the artist’s concerts. A search on eBay for “Kanye West Yeezus Tour Air” turns up no less than eight separate listings of bagged air available for purchase. According to The Telegraph, one bag of air sparked a bidding war reaching as high as $60,000, although eBay looks to have pulled the plug on that listing.

Not so for the other bags though; bargain hunters can have a bag of some sweet, sweet Yeezy O2 for just $0.99, although connoisseurs may prefer an undoubtedly more humid bag from the rapper’s Miami show, starting at $1,000.

No need for a bag of concert air? That’s okay. You can snag “authentic tissue paper from the Yeezus concert” for a starting bid of just $50. That seems like a steal. After all, the tissue “may have been touched that night by Kanye West!”

Still not doing it for you? My, you’re picky. How about an eyelash that was picked up backstage “from a table at which Kanye sat at?” Just $0.99.

As you may have guessed, none of these items have certificates of authenticity, so bid on them at your own risk. Still, if you’re like me and have a few grand just chilling in your couch cushions, it’s worth giving a bag of Kanye-aspirated air a look.


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