VIDEO: Patrick Stewart Snorts Cocaine in Cable News Comedy ‘Blunt Talk’

Starz / YouTube
Starz / YouTube

The first trailer for Starz’s upcoming Patrick Stewart-led show Blunt Talk premiered online this weekend.

Blunt Talk, created by Bored to Death‘s Jonathan Ames and executive produced by Family Guy heavyweight Seth MacFarlane, centers on Walter Blunt, a British cable newsman who attempts to take on the American cable media landscape, according to the Hollywood Reporter. Starz has reportedly already ordered 20 episodes of the half-hour comedy, to be run over two seasons.

In the new trailer, Stewart’s Blunt character snorts a line of cocaine, appears to get pulled over by police, engages in some swordplay, and just generally looks to be having a great time. The trailer also features a jab at Bill O’Reilly, with one of Blunt’s associates referencing the fact that the newsman was “wounded in the Falklands.”

Joining Stewart in the new show are stars Jacki Weaver, Dolly Wells, Adrian Scarborough, and Timm Sharp.