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Diaper Safety pins (jill, jellidonut... whatever / Flickr / Cropped / CC)

Red Diaper Babies: Anti-Trump Protesters Adopt Safety Pin as Symbol

Protesters rejecting the election of Donald Trump as President of the United States have adopted the safety pin as a symbol of their movement. Safety pins were once associated with diapers, and were ubiquitous in the age before disposable diapers.


British Stars From Cumberbatch To Knightley Back Staying In EU

AFP – British stars including Benedict Cumberbatch, Keira Knightley and Patrick Stewart urged voters to back staying in the European Union in a joint letter on Friday. Signed by 282 people from the worlds of film, music and literature, the


Watch: Patrick Stewart Supports ‘Gay Cake’ Bakery

Patrick Stewart has backed the Northern Ireland bakery that refused to bake a cake promoting gay marriage, saying people should not be forced to write messages they disagree with. Ashers Bakery was fined £500 last month after it refused to

Starz / YouTube

VIDEO: Patrick Stewart Snorts Cocaine in Cable News Comedy ‘Blunt Talk’

The first trailer for Starz’s upcoming Patrick Stewart-led show Blunt Talk premiered online this weekend. Blunt Talk, created by Bored to Death‘s Jonathan Ames and executive produced by Family Guy heavyweight Seth MacFarlane, centers on Walter Blunt, a British