Here Comes Hollywood: Robert De Niro Endorses Hillary Clinton

Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for East Harlem School/AFP
Eugene Gologursky/Getty Images for East Harlem School/AFP

The gloves are off. Cue the Hollywood liberal elitists’s two cents, and we’re ready for election time. In fact, we may as well skip the election and just crown a monarch.

Hillary Clinton is on a collision course with the country’s highest office, and it’s not only because she’s paid her dues, but because she’s a woman and that’s exactly why we need her.

This, of course, is according to actor Robert De Niro, a longtime supporter of the Democratic Party. The Goodfellas actor sat down with the Daily Beast’s Marlow Stern Wednesday at an event to discuss the Tribeca Film Festival.

A conversation between De Niro and Stern regarding film segued toward 2016 and the Oscar-winning actor’s penchant for standing behind eventual Democratic Party nominees. De Niro’s “psychic abilities,” according to Stern, have put him in the camps of Al Gore, John Kerry, and Barack Obama, well before the voters ultimately decided things, and he’s always picked right guy.

This time De Niro was asked about Hillary.

“Hopefully it will be her, yes,” said De Niro of the former Secretary of State’s chances next fall. “I think that she’s paid her dues. There are going to be no surprises, and she has earned the right to be president and the head of the country at this point. It’s that simple. And she’s a woman, which is very important because her take on things may be what we need right now.”

Hillary and De Niro, among others, were honored at the Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice & Human Rights annual gala back in December. Clinton was recognized for her long career in public service, which has been “distinguished by a deep commitment to human rights.”

De Niro was being honored for his philanthropy, but he wasn’t the only major Hollywood figure in attendance. The former Secretary of State and First Lady mixed it up at the “Ripple of Hope” awards dinner with other stars, such as Alec Baldwin, Melanie Griffith, Chad Lowe, Cheryl Hines, Sam Waterston, and Antonio Banderas.

Hollywood has always loved Hillary. While she has yet to officially declare any intentions to contend for the Democratic Party’s nomination next year, it has been reported that Clinton’s potential campaign will be operating out of two floors of the Pierrepont Plaza building in New York’s Brooklyn Heights neighborhood.

If De Niro’s intuitive nature tells us anything, that office will soon come alive to operate a well-oiled campaign machine—a machine that will take no prisoners on the way to Iowa and beyond.

If Hollywood’s past gives us any inkling of its future, De Niro will soon be joined by many others in his support.


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