‘No Kardashian Parking’ Signs Go Up in L.A.

Plastic Jesus

Los Angeles motorists are used to confusing parking regulations, but a few signs recently posted around town probably upset some reality TV fans.

“No Kardashian Parking Anytime” signs have been posted at seven locations in the Los Angeles area, according to the Hollywood Reporter. The signs were posted in front of several storefronts on Melrose Avenue and Robertson Boulevard, including in front of the DASH retail store designed by the Kardashian sisters.

The signs are the work of street artist/mischief-maker Plastic Jesus, who most recently constructed a giant cocaine-snorting Oscar statue and dropped it in the middle of Hollywood ahead of February’s awards ceremony.

“The Kardashian family has become ingrained in our culture,” the artist told THR. “We’ve allowed mainstream media to become so profit-driven, we are sacrificing genuine news stories to satiate our vapid celebrity obsessions.”

Plastic Jesus said he got the idea for his new work after getting stuck in traffic on Melrose while a swarm of paparazzi waited for one of the Kardashians to exit a store.

“How has this become a news event?” the artist told THR he wondered to himself as he sat in his car. “I guarantee that same number of paparazzi was far greater than any number of photographers chasing real news.”

Plastic Jesus has made his displeasure with reality TV stars known before; he’s the artist behind “Stop Making Stupid People Famous,” a street art-style indictment of America’s celebrity-obsessed culture. However, the artist contends that consumers bear as much of the blame, if not more, for creating the market for shallow celebrity news.

“‘Stop Making Stupid People Famous’ often gets blogged as a criticism of the Kardashians,” Plastic Jesus told THR. “But that piece is also meant to criticize us as consumers. Without us, there would be no market for the Kardashians. We are equally, if not more so, to blame. The same people who will tag these parking signs on social media are the same people who will by In Touch at the supermarket later this week.”

The LAPD said that it considers the signs “vandalism,” although no formal complaints have been filed yet.


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