Flawless Rainbow Over Grateful Dead Show Stirs Debate


SANTA CLARA, CA – Grateful Dead fans were left wondering whether someone had slipped “the brown acid” into their drinks as a massive, end-to-end rainbow appeared over the first of the band’s farewell concerts Saturday night.

The band was wrapping up the first of its two sets at Levi’s Stadium when a giant rainbow appeared overhead. Fans quickly took pictures and posted them to social media:


People quickly began questioning the flawless nature of the rainbow: was it too perfect to be real?

The theory grew legs when Billboard, citing an “insider,” reported that the band’s production team had spent $50,000 to produce the rainbow.

Deadheads in the parking lot before Sunday’s performance seemed to be split on whether the rainbow was man-made or not.

“It was definitely fake,” one tie-dyed-clad fan told Breitbart News. “I mean, it just looked fake. And the timing of it… there’s just no way that was real.”

“Are you kidding?” his companion said. “You think the Dead are going to go to the trouble of creating a rainbow for the show? That was all-natural.”

Billboard appeared to retract its report on Sunday, claiming the rainbow was, in fact, natural. But that hasn’t done anything to quell the speculation; as one fan on Reddit put it: “Silicon Valley is full of dead heads with more money than they know what to do with, could have been done for the show.”

The band played the second of two “Fare Thee Well” concerts in Santa Clara Sunday night. The Grateful Dead will play their final three concerts over July 4 weekend at Chicago’s Soldier Field. Deadheads will undoubtedly be waiting to see if the rainbow makes a reappearance.


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