Levi's Stadium

North Korea Flew Satellite over Super Bowl

According to the editor of a North Korea tech blog, the rogue nation launched its Kwangmyongsong-4 satellite on Sunday, which flew a path over Levi’s Stadium roughly an hour after Super Bowl 50 ended.

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Soccer Kids Sue to Block Super Bowl 50 Takeover

the Santa Clara Youth Soccer League filed a lawsuit against the city to stop the NFL from turning the lush, green fields next to Levi’s Stadium into a media base for Super Bowl 50.

Vince Lombardi Super Bowl 50 (Rick Osentoski / Associated Press)

NFL Boots Kids from Local Soccer Park for Super Bowl

Soccer moms and the female members of the Santa Clara City Council are furious that the NFL will use the Santa Clara Youth Soccer Park as a “media village” for roughly 6,000 people at Super Bowl 50, which will be held at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara on February 7.

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The Grateful Dead Bid ‘Fare Thee Well’ to California

SANTA CLARA, CA – The Grateful Dead were in top form for their final performance in California, but to many fans in attendance at Levi’s Stadium on Sunday night, the quality of the music was almost beside the point.

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Flawless Rainbow Over Grateful Dead Show Stirs Debate

SANTA CLARA, CA – Grateful Dead fans were left wondering whether someone had slipped “the brown acid” into their drinks as a massive, end-to-end rainbow appeared over the first of the band’s farewell concerts Saturday night.