Hate Wins: Takei Doubles Down — Clarence Thomas a ‘Black Buffoon’


Television actor and professional victim George Takei doubled down Friday on his racist comments attacking Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas. In a local television interview after the Supreme Court’s 5-4 decision legalizing same sex marriage in all 50 states, Takei referred to the black Justice (who was one of the 4) as a  “clown in blackface.” In a follow-up Facebook post Friday, Takei said “that is not racist,” that he instead meant that Thomas is a “black buffoon” and a traitor to his race:

“Blackface” is a lesser known theatrical term for a white actor who blackens his face to play a black buffoon. In traditional theater lingo, and in my view and intent, that is not racist. It is instead part of a racist history in this country.

I feel Justice Thomas has abdicated and abandoned his African American heritage by claiming slavery did not strip dignity from human beings. He made a similar remark about the Japanese American internment, of which I am a survivor. A sitting Justice of the Supreme Court ought to know better.

Takei isn’t only a racist, he’s an idiot and a liar.

Of course “blackface” is racist, and of course he knows this. Accuse the Asian actor of being a “clown in yellow face” and watch him lose his hysterical mind.

Takei is also either lying about what Justice Thomas wrote, or is too ignorant to understand his point.

Thomas never said or meant to say that slavery doesn’t strip slaves of their dignity. Thomas was responding to Justice Kennedy’s noxious notion that without legalized gay marriage, gays lack dignity. In other words, dignity comes from the government. Thomas’s eloquent response is obvious to anyone with reading comprehension level above the fifth grade:

The corollary of that principle is that human dignity cannot be taken away by the government. Slaves did not lose their dignity (any more than they lost their humanity) because the government allowed them to be enslaved. Those held in internment camps did not lose their dignity because the government confined them. And those denied governmental benefits certainly do not lose their dignity because the government denies them those benefits. The government cannot bestow dignity, and it cannot take it away.

Takei has been a major figure in the push for gay marriage — a political as well as a celebrity spokesperson. Nevertheless, his virulent racist attack has received almost no media coverage.

The very same mainstream media that loses its collective mind when a “Duck Dynasty” castmember correctly describes homosexuality as a sin, is ignoring Takei. Paula Deen had her entire career dismantled over a racist comment uttered decades ago.

There is plenty of political upside for the media to attack “Duck Dynasty” and Deen. There is, however, only downside in reporting on the appalling hatred, ignorance, and racism of a major figure in the push for same sex marriage.

Suddenly the media isn’t at all interested in racism against blacks.

Funny how that works.


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