Blockbuster Assistant Director Accused of Filming Actresses Naked Without Their Knowledge

Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images
Frank May/picture-alliance/dpa/AP Images

An assistant director who has worked on several high-profile Hollywood blockbusters was arrested earlier this year and charged with filming two women who were changing in an on-set dressing room.

According to a Los Angeles County District Attorney search warrant obtained by Jezebel, assistant director Kevin Thomas Roy, who has worked on films like Terminator 3, The 40-Year-Old Virgin, and Pirates of the Caribbean, is accused of possessing a hard drive filled with dozens of videos and photos of women taken by secret cameras installed in bathrooms, changing rooms, and his own home.

Although Roy allegedly filmed unsuspecting women in at least five states, he was reportedly charged with only two counts of misdemeanor invasion of privacy related to an incident last summer in which he allegedly secretly filmed two models in their changing rooms while shooting a car commercial in Los Angeles.

Roy pleaded no contest to the charges and was reportedly sentenced to three years probation and a sex offender rehabilitation program, though he will not be required to register as a sex offender.

“You can even see his face setting up the camera in different dressing rooms and bathrooms,” one of the victims told Jezebel. “He set up a camera that filmed me while I was in the bathroom. When I saw the footage I was disgusted. I couldn’t believe it.”

Another victim criticized the Los Angeles DA for failing to inform women in other states who may have been filmed or photographed by Roy.

“No one in the Los Angeles District Attorney’s office has contacted me about pursuing this case,” the unnamed victim told Jezebel. “I have spoken with other women who were filmed by [Roy] and they weren’t contacted either. I don’t think it’s fair that other women were victimized and have not been told about it. Famous women and regular working women were all equally victimized by him.”

According to the Internet Movie Database (IMDb), Roy worked on more than 40 films between 1996 and 2012.

For more on Roy’s case, including a copy of the original search warrant, check out Jezebel’s article here.


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