Rosie O’Donnell Wants to Wipe Period Blood on People’s Faces to Fight Trump’s ‘War on Women’

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Rosie O’Donnell says Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is waging a bitter war on women, and to fight back, she would like to wipe menstrual blood all over the faces of her enemies.

According to Entertainment Tonight, O’Donnell called in to SiriusXM radio’s Just Jenny this week to defend Fox News host Megyn Kelly, who had a very public feud with Trump following the August 6 debate, and free-bleeding jogger Kiran Gandhi, who ran the London Marathon in April while on her period with no tampon.

The ladies on the show, including host Jenny Hutt, took issue with Gandhi’s public display of free bleeding, but not Rosie, who speculated the act was done as a protest of Donald Trump’s allegedly misogynistic ways.

“Why do you think she did that? …When Fox anchors are being accused of being hormonal and ashamed because they have their period,” said Rosie, seemingly unaware Gandhi’s run took place nearly four months prior to the debate.

She added: “Then that woman does that. Why do you think she [Gandhi] does that stuff? You don’t think she did that to say, F— you a–hole?!”

Trump told CNN’s Don Lemon after the debate Kelly had had an “agenda” to target him.

She had “blood coming out of her eyes, blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump said on “CNN Tonight.”

While the New York billionaire has maintained his comments were not meant to describe Kelly as hormonal, O’Donnell and the ladies of Just Jenny said they were “disgusting,” before Rosie took her argument to another level.

“Bigger than any specific people, there is a war on women that is happening in this country,” O’Donnell said. “Women fought for equality in this country, and right now, politically, it’s being taken away from us.”

Rosie then declared, “I’d like to take my period blood that I no longer have and write, ‘You’re all a–holes,’ before saying, “I’d like to smear it all over some people’s faces.”

Luckily for those in her crosshairs, Rosie has been very public about her battle with menopause.


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