Transgender Actor Laverne Cox Praises Miley Cyrus’s ‘Epic Trans Moment’ at VMAs

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Transgender actor Laverne Cox is praising Miley Cyrus’s ‘epic trans moment’ at Sunday night’s MTV VMAs, which included a performance with 30 drag queens and lyrics about marijuana.

Cyrus hosted the event and to close the show, performed her new single, “Dooo It, with the help of a group of transgender men and women.

“Love this epic trans moment onstage at this year’s #VMAs,” said the Orange is the New Black star on his Instagram Tuesday.

Cox shared a photo of the colorful group’s speech, which was first posted to Instagram by transgender writer and MTV contributor, Tyler Ford.

“If my 10 year old self could have seen this many Trans people ( or even one trans person, really) on national television at once, it would have changed my life,” Ford captioned the photo. “Thank you for having us.”

Cyrus also announced the drop of her new album, which can be downloaded for free online, after the racy performance.

People reports the performance was in honor of Miley’s Happy Hippie Foundation, which aims to combat homelessness and other issues that affect the LGBT community.