Awkward Trevor Noah Bombs In Debut: Pope D*ck Jokes, Trashes Conservatives as ‘Radicals’

The Associated Press
The Associated Press

An awkward, ever-shifting-in-his-chair comedian took the reins of “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” Monday night,  and had no idea what to do with them or even where to put his hands. At times it was painful to watch Trevor Noah. For all of Stewart’s fascist, bullying tendencies, he did possess some talent. Noah is undoubtedly talented enough to land this gig, but he is unquestionably in over his head.

Noah might grow into the gig. He might not. It won’t matter. He is politically correct and a left-wing extremist, so the media will undoubtedly prop him up regardless. They’ve certainly had practice. Although fewer than 1% of the population ever watched Stewart, the media still managed to turn him into a Potemkin Phenom.

When you’re a leftist, talent and popularity are not required.

Which brings me to Noah’s dick jokes about Pope Francis.

After showing his trained seal audience a clip of the Pope and the humbly small Fiat the Holy Father traveled around in during his visit to America last week, the smarmy Noah said the small car was an act of “under-compensation.” For those he didn’t get it, he added,  “I’m saying the Pope has a big [beep], that’s what I’m saying [laughs at own joke]. And what a waste.”

Soon after Noah would wink when correctly pronouncing House Speaker John Boehner’s name. Then came an AIDS joke, because everyone in Congress has aides.

Before engaging in an impossibly dull interview with comedian Kevin Hart, Noah threw all kinds of red meat at the media he desperately needs to prop him up by matter-of-factly referring to the conservatives who attended last week’s Values Voters Summit as “radicals.” As in…

The Value Voters Summit, which is filled with “radical conservatives who shut down the government over ObamaCare and want to do the same with Planned Parenthood.”


 “The radicals finally got what they wanted: John Boehner’s tan head on a plate.”

Hack jokes about Boehner’s tan made the cut.

Shecky Noah.

But he’s an AwesomeBrilliantPhenom because the media says so.

Democrats sure got it good.


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