MCM Comic Con: ‘Fake Guns’ Confiscated, BB Guns Allowed ‘With a License’

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Over the weekend “fake guns” and “decommissioned guns” were confiscated at London’s MCM Comic Con, but “BB guns” were allowed if they were held by someone with a license to possess such an air gun.

Likewise, the “decommissioned guns” were returned to owners as they left the event if the owner possessed a license to own a gun that had been decommissioned.

According to NBC News, Britain’s 2003 Anti-Social Behaviour Act means most replicas of guns must be concealed when in a public place. Yet because the fake and decommissioned guns were openly displayed as props, the MCM Comic Con seized the guns for safety. Exceptions were guns that were clearly marked with orange tips on the barrels or other required markings for toys.

One MCM Comic Con attendeed–24-year-old Tom Scuffer–was able to hold “an EE 3 carbine…belonging to ‘Star Wars’ bounty hunter Boba Fett.” Scuffer said, “If it’s a toy you should still handle it like it’s the real thing. I won’t even put my finger on the trigger for photos and in a controlled situation like this it’s fine.”

MCM Comic Con did allow “large displays of swords and knives…[to be] bought as collector pieces at specialist stalls throughout the show,” but with special rules in place for the transport of such weapons. These special rules included a “mandatory home-delivery system” for such weapons. It is interesting to note that the mandated “home-delivery system” for swords and knives was put in place although the MCM Comic Con has never had an incident involving swords or knives.

Elaine Solomon–“a mother attending the show with her 6-month-old baby–appreciated the new rules. She said, “When I saw a stand selling real knifes I was a bit nervous, but then I saw that they [mail] the weapons to you and it made me feel OK.”

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