‘Daily Show’ Debacle: Trevor Noah’s Ratings Plummet 37%

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Although the presidential race is already hotter than hot, Trevor Noah, the leftwing host of Comedy Central’s “Daily Show,” has managed to turn off a full 37%  of his predecessor’s viewers. According to Nielsen, in his first full month as host, Noah is down 32% in the all important 18-49 viewing demo, and down  a catastrophic 37% in total viewers.

That collapse is not artificially skewed. The comparison does not include the ratings increase that came with Jon Stewart’s farewell week. It is, however, a month-to-month comparison prior to Stewart’s final week.

Noah’s collapse is not just in the ratings. His clips are not making the rounds, even with a DC Media desperate to viralize clips of leftwing comedians trashing Republicans.

For years, the media looped Stewart’s attacks on then-President George W. Bush, and his subsequent defenses of President Obama.

Trust me, Noah is not being snubbed out of a sudden fit professionalism, decency, or maturity from our media overlords.

Noah’s work is just not up to snuff.

That means there is now a wide open market to deliver the GOP-destroying clips the media so desperately desires.

Enter… Jon Stewart.


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