Late Night Losers: Trevor Noah, Stephen Colbert Suffer Ratings Collapse


Jon Stewart picked the right time to Golden Parachute out of the business of licking Obama’s boots while aiming comedic-snark at anyone who dares question The Socialism. According to the most recent numbers, that once-lucrative business is as dead as Obama’s presidential legacy. Both Stephen Colbert and Trevor Noah are ratings catastrophes.

Colbert, a Stewart protégé who took over for David Letterman at CBS, is getting murdered in late night — even by a guy on an hour later:

Colbert’s solid early numbers have slid (though he’s bringing in a younger audience than his predecessor, David Letterman); the other Jimmy, Kimmel on ABC, has moved ahead of him as well. During Thanksgiving week — admittedly a bit unusual — Colbert fell behind Seth Meyers’ NBC show, which plays an hour later.

Some speculate Republican viewers have tuned Colbert out, given his Colbert Report incarnation as a blowhard conservative. (A THR poll showed Colbert’s audience is only 17 percent Republican, as opposed to 33 percent for Kimmel and 31 percent for Fallon.)

Or it simply might be a case of a big talent trying to find footing on a new dance floor.

Or it simply might be that Colbert is a smug, unlikable, preachy prig.

Colbert has only increased the young viewer demo by a minuscule +16 percent, and this is after he replaced Letterman, the crankiest old man in America not named Bernie Sanders. A +16% increase of an already small number is disastrous. Moreover, Letterman was at least in third place. Colbert is in fourth!

Trevor Noah replaced Stewart as host of “The Daily Show” and promptly lost 40% of the audience:

Although a ratings falloff from Stewart was all but guaranteed, a 40 percent drop for Noah is steep. Comedy Central has professed to be unconcerned because Noah’s appeal is to millennials. However, he is down about 40 percent among the 18-to-34 audience as well, and surprisingly the show’s median age has gone up, from 45.1 to 47.4.

Could it be that after 7 long years of one Obama failure after another, the country is tired of his Court Jesters pretending he can do no wrong?

Could it be that with trust in the federal government at record lows, the country is tired of  Obama’s Court Jesters shaming those of us who do not believe the government is the answer to every problem?

The coin of the realm in this genre is supposed to be smarts, but the wreckage from two Obama terms has only exposed these ideologues as anti-science propagandists for The Man.


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