Theater Chains Banning Toy Blasters from ‘Star Wars’ Screenings

David Roark/Getty Images
David Roark/Getty Images

As the biggest fans of the movie Star Wars are dressing up to attend the opening night of The Force Awakens, some of the biggest movie theater chains are asking them to leave their toy blasters at home.

“AMC does not permit weapons or items that would make other guests feel uncomfortable or detract from the movie-going experience…. leave the blaster and the Darth Vader mask at home,” a statement from AMC theaters announced. AMC is allowing guests to bring their toy lightsabers as long as they are turned off during the show.

Regal Theaters, however, has banned any guest from “possessing weapons, props or fake weapons” while attending the screening. That strict policy was imitated by Bowtie Cinemas, which has banned all “simulated weapons” including toy lightsabers and blasters from the theater.

Cineplex has followed suit. “Guests are prohibited from wearing masks or carrying toy weapons of any kind,” officials announced. A poster spotted at a Cinemark theater announced that no “simulated weapons including lightsabers/blasters” would be allowed in the building.

The biggest bastion of movie costume freedom appears to be the Alamo Drafthouse.

“Feel free to cosplay your heart out with masks, helmets, blasters, miniature Death Stars, lightsabers, etc,” the theater in Austin announced on Facebook.

One fan of the chain celebrated in the comment section. “YES! YES! YEEEEEESS!!! Finally a theatre chain not run by a bunch of candyasses! The terrorists haven’t won afterall!” he wrote.


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