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CNN Pushes YouTube to Ban Alex Jones, Demonetize Video Channel

Right-wing broadcaster Alex Jones announced Saturday evening that YouTube had frozen his video channel and would delete it on Sunday, after CNN pursued the social media giant and its advertisers. InfoWars has accused CNN of conducting a “campaign to ban conservative media.”


London: Muslim Enclave Votes to ‘Ban Trump’

A London borough – which has the highest percentage of Muslims in the UK – has voted to ban U.S. President Donald J. Trump for the area, declaring him a “bigot”.

Models clad in burqini swimsuits pose for photos with Australian-Lebanese designer Aheda Zanetti (C) in western Sydney on August 19, 2016. The light-weight, quick-drying two-piece swimsuit which covers the body and hair has been banned from French beaches by several mayors in recent weeks following deadly attacks linked to Islamic …

French Minister: Anti-Burkini Law Would Be ‘Unconstitutional’

(AFP) Paris – t would be “unconstitutional” for France to pass a law banning the burkini, and such a move could cause irreparable harm, French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve warned in an interview published online late Sunday. Speaking to French daily


EU Human Rights Court SUPPORTS French Headscarf Ban

The European Court of Human Rights has ruled against a Muslim woman who claimed that workplace rules forcing her to remove her headscarf amounted to discrimination. The ruling upholds France’s ban on religious symbols in the workplace, which judges said

India Greenpeace

Grab An Onion And Weep For Humanity: India Just Outlawed Greenpeace

The Indian government has just outlawed Greenpeace. Naturally, Greenpeace are spinning this as a terrible injustice and a blow for freedom of speech. “This is an extension of the deep intolerance for differing viewpoints that sections of this government seem


CA Coastal Commission Killing SeaWorld San Diego

California’s Coastal Commission bowed to left-wing animal rights activists with approval of an amendment stripping SeaWorld of the ability to breed killer whales as a condition of building a massive new $100 million habitat expansion for the orcas living there now.

Microbeads (Associated Press)

CA Legislature to Vote to Ban Microbeads

Scores of cosmetic, shampoo, toothpaste and personal care products containing microbeads will be forced to find new exfoliating ingredients should California State Assemblyman Richard Bloom’s (D-Santa Monica) reprised bill to ban microbeads pass the state legislature and become law. An

Otto the Orange

Otto the Orange Squeezed out of ACC Tournament

Syracuse University, as part of its self-imposed postseason prohibition, banned Otto the Orange from the Atlantic Coast Conference’s annual mascot basketball game on Thursday. Of the ACC’s 15 team mascots, Otto was the only one absent during halftime of the

Redskins Field AP

Redskins Call Trademark Ban Unconstitutional in Appeal

The Washington Redskins defend their use of the team’s nickname by claiming that a federal ban on several of their trademarks infringes on the team’s right to free speech. The federal case against the team derives from the supposition that the term “Redskins” disparages Native Americans.

Foie Gras (AP)

California Wants Foie Gras to Be Illegal Again

That was quick.

California Attorney General Kamala Harris announced Wednesday that the state would appeal a federal judge’s decision to overturn the statewide ban on foie gras, a delicacy made from the enlarged livers of ducks and geese.

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Judge Furious with CA Supreme Court Ban on Judges in Boy Scouts

The California Supreme Court, interfering in the affairs of the Boy Scouts, decided on Friday to bar judges from belonging to the Boy Scouts because of the organization’s “invidious” discrimination against gays, triggering an angry outburst from one judge and like-minded opposition from others.

Foie Gras (AP)

Federal Judge Lifts California Ban on Foie Gras

On Wednesday, a federal judge on Wednesday overturned California’s ban on foie gras, a delicacy made from duck and goose liver, ruling that the statewide ban was in violation of federal law.