Melissa Henson On TV’s Agenda Driven Programming

Jorge Guerrero/AFP/Getty Images
Washington, DC

Despite large ratings for more “family oriented” content, Director of Communications and Public Education of the Parents Television Council, Melissa Henson, says the entertainment industry continues to turn out more “violent shows, shows that contain high-levels of sexual content, graphic violence and high levels of profanity despite the evidence that there’s really no demand for that programming.”

“I think it’s pretty clear now that it’s largely agenda driven,” added Henson. “It’s not, as they would have us believe based on ratings because, if they were going by ratings alone, we would expect to see a lot more family programming than we do.”

Henson insists that despite the notion that all content is ratings driven, “there is a clear pattern of family friendly shows doing really, really well in the ratings and the more edgy shows, shows with more controversial content not doing as well, … but the networks keep pushing out the controversial shows.”

“I think it’s because that’s what they want to see on TV, said Henson.

Henson was a guest today on Breitbart news daily with Host Stephen K. Bannon. The entire interview can be heard below. The Parents Television Council website has much more information.